Wither Away

May 10, 2010
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I find your gaze to be soothing
Your voice never annoying or rough
All my daily stresses melt away
All that’s left
Is me and you

You never question what I say
Never mind it
when everything goes my way
You just laugh and smile
Hold me close
And kiss me sweet

But then why are you gone
What changed?
I know I took advantage
Of your unconditional love
Now I miss your touch
My ears ring
With the echo of your voice

I’ll search for you
Even if you don’t want to found
I am addicted to you
And I need my fill
So I’ll look
At every old hangout
Every sneak away spot

And if I never find you
I’ll live with the price
That empty bottomless feeling
That settled like a vise
In my chest around my heart
Settled to wither
Our old love away

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