The Cure

May 10, 2010
A moment lost in time, could easily be found,
Hearts can search together to find the cure.
By day they are lost for words to be said,
But by night they see clearly once more.

Forever searching for the cure, that is missing,
We can search forever and still be stuck.
Never to here the call of a lost lover,
Sitting still in the earth waiting, trapped.

Deaf to the reverberation that calls our name,
Holding on to what we think we still have.
Wishing to be picked up and carried home,
Silence follows us, as we stand-alone.

Hearts collide as we choose love or friendship,
The moon making it impossible to see.
Blinded by what we thought we needed,
We can see the light shine through once again.

What’s more our calls are drowned by the glow,
A glow we can only see as darkness folds.
But together we will find the cure we need,
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Alas! It is found, we found it in each other.

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