May 10, 2010
when I was six
riding my bike like an idiot.
pretended I didn't have any breaks
and I went to far
I hit a stump I did three front flips
I landed it but right after I landed
I crashed into a thorn bush.
i don't know what I was thinking I was six.
i felt a lot of pain
I think because any normal person
would have felt pain.

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hollyhottell said...
Aug. 31, 2010 at 5:59 pm
ats a funny poem.......hope u were ok....i have crashed so many times on bikes i once crashed down a hill..had to get stiches because my teeth went thrue my lip, then i crashed into a metal fence lol well i broke the fence with my face and had to get stiches there to..then i slid off a tiny cliff on my bike lol.........good poem verry cute
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