May 10, 2010
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Standing in line almost near
Friends are dragging me; “come on” is what I hear
Screaming and exciting the people were
It’s like a huge metal centipede that stops in front of us

Ca clink, ca clink, ca clink, ca clink, ca clink
My eyes are closed shut as I go up
Then the metal centipede stops
Floating on air it feels like, my eyes open so I

It’s a beautiful sight I see
Fresh air, green trees birds chirping
I think to myself am I dreaming?

I close my eyes again and grab tight

Everyone’s screaming, and raising their hands
I’m clenching tighter to the metal centipede
Sweating and my hearts pumping fast
I’m ready to get off.

Down I go; I think the metal centipede has gone mad
Screaming from the top of my lungs
What have I done, was the last word I said?
Traumatized I walked way.

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