Best Friends/Remember When

May 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Remember when we were four and
We couldn't give a care?
Remember when I was upset at day care
And you comforted me?
Remember when we were split up from classes for
The first time ever?
Remember when you introduced me
To Sarah and we were all best friends?
Remember we would laugh and
Give each other makeovers?
Remember when we had to sit out in
The hall because we were laughing
At the angry teacher?
Remember when Sarah parted with us and we
Were on our own...?
Remember all of those
Times we would just sit there
Thinking, talking about
Anything that would come to us?
Remember when we used to
Have sleepovers, each other over for
The afternoon at least
Once a week?
Remember the hot days sitting by
The three-foot pool?
Remember when Maverick
Broke my heart, and you were
Remember last year with your first
Boyfriend, and he broke up with you?
Remember how upset we both were?
Remember how nothing was the same
After that?
The way now, you invite other
People over instead of me
And the small pool hasn't
Been up in forever
And the sleepovers
The way that Maverick is gone,
The way that the past is the past,
The way that the talking about our own
Stores faded away?
Now that we're thirteen?

The author's comments:
Inspired by my best friend.

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