Dear High School

April 28, 2010
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Dear High School,

Coming here for almost two years now
Wow, I don’t understand how-
How this place is suppose to be
The place where you’re “free”.

Something’s are fun,
Like football games and dances,
Watching the boys get in their huddle,
And their favorite stances.

Waking up at 6am sucks
Missing the bus- awe shucks!
Walking down the hall,

Girls give you “the stare”
They think their cool,
When they flip their hair.

Mean teachers and bossy peers,
Can make a girl turn to tears.
All the work can be so stressful,
Because if you don’t do the work,
You will be unsuccessful.

High school is all about you
You finding who you want to be
I know that it’s kind of hard
We could all agree.

We’re almost done
Were practically out the door
When we leave this place though
We are going to wish for more.

Love always,

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