There's Something Unnerving About My Desire for You

April 27, 2010
By RachelGina BRONZE, East Amherst, New York
RachelGina BRONZE, East Amherst, New York
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There’s something unnerving
About my desire for you
Which the moon has seen
Through its passings of winter
Trees purged of decrepit leaves
Earth freezing as if too graced
By your cold, bitter shoulder
Crying so white and vacuous
Into an ominous wind

There’s something ambiguous
Set beneath glassy brown retinas
Which the sun has skimmed
In the salutation of springs
Flowers lusting to bloom
Though snagged in the growth
Perpetual buds bound within the infertile
Beguiled by a luminous promise
Of a merciless father star

There’s something enervating
About the distance I’d navigate
That the stars have sensed
On incessant nights of celestial summers
As the stars cast spotlights
On brief curiosity
And cursory secrets swept the grass
In the most communal of fashions
But disappeared with morning dew

There’s something methodical
About the rejection smeared into your smile
That the fog had anticipated
As it crept into the many hours of autumn
When the sky caressed all shades of grey
Continuous yet eradicated
While a desolate wind droned out the
Words that remain unspoken

The author's comments:
This poem traces a year of unrequited emotions that I hope other people can relate to, people who saw the signs but refuesed to believe.

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