Beautiful is a modern tragedy

May 7, 2010
What is beautiful?
Yeah sure you can say that B.S romantic stuff,
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
Well guess what….
Most of the eyes today are tainted
These people, they are blind.
Blinded by Media
Blinded by posters
Blinded by what they hear.
You may not believe this but,
There are girls out there that do not feel beautiful
They are not receiving the love of others.
Guess what, sure we are told we are beautiful
Guess what, Sure sometimes we feel beautiful.
When we put on that dress,
When we put on that make-up
When we go to a salon
But guess what, we want natural beauty.
We feel that make-up is MAKING us pretty.
Guess what……
I am one of those girls.

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