my sunny day

May 6, 2010
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The day I feel relieved of all stress
And worries is the day,
The day that we all stand together in
Peace and harmony with one another,
United we stand, hand to hand
Brothers with sisters, and mothers
With fathers, when we rise up and are able
To stand up for ourselves, for the
Weak, and for all of our evils, the day when
I am able to hold you and you hold
Me, the day when I can safely
Say I love you with every ounce
In my body, when we weather this
Storm of hate we carry,
The burdens we have on our
Shoulders will one day rise
And our heavenly wings will
Take there place, the day when I
Can be happy with all that I am
And all that we are as a family,
That day, that day is my sunny day

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