May 6, 2010
By val langland BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
val langland BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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What is under us?
Magma, lava, rock, no!
Its water.
Water as for as the skies reach.
Water as dept as the earth core.
Water with creatures of all kinds.
Water all around.

The ocean is a magical place were fairy tales come true.
It has unicorns that gallop through the sea.
Were dragons triumphs over all.
And were creatures can walk, swim, and fly.

Narwhals gallop through the water.
With their hard, strong, and amazing horn.
They demolish anything in their way.
They are the unicorns of the sea.

Leafy sea dragons triumphs in the ocean.
They swim with their beautiful color.
And their many leaves float in the water.
They are the dragons of the sea.

Penguins walk, swim, and fly all day long and every day.
Yes, they do fly, but not the way you think.
They soar through the water like the little birds they are.
They are the birds of the sea.

Underland is an amazing place.
It has amazing creators that you think are only in fairy tales.
But now you know some of the many wonders of underland.
No, wonderland!

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