May 6, 2010
We have A Major problem.

I’m sorry that my voice does not run on harmonics

Nor do my facial features have fine tuners

But time after time

You repeat the same complaint:

“Why can’t you be more feminine?”

Well let me tell you.

I want every woman to B Natural

Because in this world, you either C Sharp

Or go blind.

She can slur her thoughts,

Change to impress her man

But I will stand and enunciate.

Feel my violins vibrato through your veins.

I want to see you tremolo in fear

And don’t you dare say that I’m sonata girl

Because I have the Heart and Soul to be whatever I want to be

You used to make my internal metronome beat

But measure our love now.

It has decresendoed to a pianissimo.

So give it a rest.

And sustenuto this:

It’s over, ritard.

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Sylvie said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 3:32 pm
This poem is VERY creative! I love how you incorporated music terms as other words! Very cool and interesting. =) 
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