Do You Know?

June 1, 2010
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Do you know. . . what I wonder?
I wonder why the night changes me.
I wonder why my heart won't be still and rest.
I wonder why I worry about things that will most likely never occur.
I wonder why there can't be peace in the world so that everyone could go to bed knowing that they could sleep safely all night long.
I wonder why I can't be a different person, a better person.
I wonder why I'm one of the lucky ones who has food, clothing, and a roof over my head.
I wonder why I take it for granted.

Do you know. . . what makes me smile?
I smile when I see an elderly couple holding hands.
I smile when a baby giggles.
I smile when my boyfriend says something kind to me or holds me or kisses me.
I smile when I hear good news.
I smile when someone I love succeeds in doing something they have dreamed of.
I smile when I see the sun shine and when I see flowers grow and when I see life blooming all around me.
I smile because I'm alive.

Do you know. . .what makes me cry?
I cry when I don't get my way on an important subject.
I cry when people don't live up to my expectations.
I cry when someone dies or when someone leaves or when someone doesn't return.
I cry during sad movies.
I cry when my heart is breaking.
I cry over spilled milk.

Do you know. . .what I wish?
I wish that you too would consider what makes you feel the way you do.
I wish that everyone could find common ground so we could be united as one and never hurt someone else because of differences.
I wish you'd tell me the way you feel.
I wish you would let me, or anyone you want to, listen.
I wish for a better tomorrow.

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