On My Own

May 30, 2010
By , Hillsborough, NJ
They say I've lived a sheltered life; I've gotten everything handed to me.
In a sense they are correct, although there are arguable points.
I've never worked in a job that pays, but only because my parents say,
"You are only 15. You can't have a job. You are too young".
I never ask questions on my own because someone was always there to ask for me.
I've never had to cook or even remember things for myself.
Someone is always there to do it for me.

Now though, I realize that those things never helped me.
"Hey. Let's go to the mall to shop!" But I can't because I have no money.
When I have to ask someone a question, I get nervous and try to get out of it.
"Eileen, you're a big girl. You need to learn to do things yourself."
When something important comes up, I am always forgetting until the last minute.
Maybe I am sheltered too much, and maybe now the realities are catching up to me.

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