when you left(will you do it again)

April 24, 2010
I want to get back together.
But I don’t know if you would hurt me again.
I love but do u love me back?
I hate you but, my heart says I love you.
What do I do when you’re the one who broke my heart.
And you’re the only one who can fix it?
The nights are long
The days are dark.
I lay here hoping you just might come back.
Mope around all day and night.
You were my knight in shining armor.
I write this to you.
I was true to u.
I saw the true you that night.
I draw hearts in the sky.
I die when your not at my side.
I was your bride.
And I died that night you lied.
I cried when u decided are love was dead.

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lifefakeswriting1234 said...
Jun. 3, 2010 at 3:15 pm

the concept is beautiful.

but some constructive critism, its needs a cleanup.

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