The Emptiness

April 24, 2010
The Emptiness
I hear them at night
I pull my blanket over my head
Hoping it will shield the sound
It doesn’t
I can feel my eyes flooding
Why don’t they stop
The door slams I hear her sobbing
I wonder what happened
I sob
The door opens again
The volume rises
I hear their words
I feel helpless
I feel the urge
It hurts
But it’s the only pain I can control
I curl into a ball
Hide in the corner
When will it end
My head is crowded
I feel as if I’m being ripped in half
This side
That side
Who do I love more
My head hurts
I feel like running
Never stopping
On the continuous road to happiness
Like chemicals
Stable on their own
But radioactive together
I wish it would stop
I feel like I’m on fire
Finally it’s done
I try and sleep
Soaking my pillow
For the hope of sweet dreams

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