Uprising of the Poor

April 24, 2010
By , Woodbridge, CT
Run away if you mean it
Don’t you dare look back
If you want to screw it
Then have a heart attack

Scream if you are scared
But no one will care
It’s like a tree falling
With no one around

We will never see the truth
You will never see the lies
You keep us from living
We beg you to stay

You will not force us
We will not stop
You cannot control us
We fight to our last breath

Everyone is screaming now
Look what you’ve done
You hurt us and beat us
Yet we keep fighting

We fight hard
You run strong
We will catch up to you
And march you home

What else can we do?
We are not in control
You are the only one
Who can stop our pain

Scream, run, shout, cry
We are not afraid to chase
You are too afraid to stay
We are not afraid to die

They will think of us
One day in a long while
And think, this is the
Beginning of the end.

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