Guardian Angel

April 24, 2010
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I stand alone
In a frigid heat
Banshee screams ringing in the air
Velvet nails scrape my skin
Scene replaying in my head
What if I had acted differently
If I had only accepted
Would it still have happened
Questions whirl and twirl
As I collapse to the ground
My mind reaches the final act
A bright light
The clang of metal
A surprised gasp
“You shall not touch her”
A calming smile
“She is beyond your reach”
Metal collides multiple times
I watch in slow motion
As the foe falls
A sliver of silver flies
And imbeds itself in his chest
My savior’s aura plummets
I race to his side
I silently pray for him to live
As I reach his side
His last breaths arrive
Cool water caresses my face
He gently grasps my hand
“Don’t cry my heart. Everything is as it should.”
As I trace my fingers over the ground
Those words return
Others had said he was evil
That it was a good thing he had left
They proclaimed I would forget and heal
Everything would be alright
Nothing ever would though
For he was my everything
He never left my side
Now I’m vulnerable to the world
For my guardian
For my angel
For my love
Lies unmoving before me
My guardian angel has moved on

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