May 10, 2010
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Young gentleman came to her house,
Wearing a suit jacket,

U.S. marines embroidered on the front.
He approached with a nervous, sad face,
Her stomach,
Like a rock falling from a 10 story building.
Is this really happening?
She didn’t answer the gentleman,
Patiently waiting.
Didn’t want to face the
That was hiding behind the stain glass door.
A note stuck to the door,
As the wind was trying to blow it off.
The man in the coat wrote,
Your Son,
Has been hilled while fighting for,
She fell to her knees,
Cried till there were no more tears.
Cold, wet, black tears surrounded her face,
They made a puddle on the wooden floor.

Month later,
The family was invited to join
Many other families,
That are nursing their recent losses.
A ceremony honoring,
The men and women.
Who gave there lives,
Fighting for,
Their family,
Friends and

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