The Fainted Cry

April 24, 2010
By Kujegic GOLD, Bronx, New York
Kujegic GOLD, Bronx, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Everything around us is art, undefinable yet unique in every way.

It is the Insomnia of the Heart
The failing of the soul
A psychiatric disorder that refuses to be cured
It is marriage in a naked form
It is the restless, invigorated passion that drives me to insanity
It is the sky with never ending blue- guttural and raucous in its swifts and blows
It is the tears that twinkle in my eye
It is the principle human desire
It is the magnetic force of gravity that draws me to you
It is the joy that my heart feels in its presence
It is the path bleak and dark yet so luminous and bright
It is the passion that feels me with delight
It is what keeps me running, as I’m drawn
High with adrenaline- I’m Hooked
It is the radiance that shines in your eyes

Miley Cyrus speaks true when she sung
You appear just like a dream to me
Just like kaleidoscope colors that prove to me

That it, you exist!

What is this thing I’m yearning for?
That my heart needs in order to survive
That my soul needs in order to grow
That intertwines us
The Knot that is bound to be unbroken
The passion, the burning fire crimson red waiting to explode
The calming, electrifying,
soothing, melodious sensation
It is the misery that I am willing to take
To mold and shape into beauty and pleasure, divinity in scope
Embedded in my very soul
Firmly planted into the roots of my life

Iris Murdoch said
Love is the difficult realizations that something other than oneself is real
This came to me as an epiphany, a revelation from this fortified heart of mine
It is when you find your need in someone else
Different in complexion, but identical at heart
The DNA’s were meant to translate one unspoken word
One forbidden word
They were meant to conjure
Become a double helix, perfectly immortal
Perfectly sound, perfectly divine, perfectly beautiful

At last I have found the purpose of my being
The meaning of life
I have found the freedom that enables me
To appreciate life and what it has to offer
To realize that something out there is indeed REAL

A beacon of hope shines to me from here

I have found my inner

Internal beauty

I have found Me

I have not found me alone

Something was there, an unspoken guardian angel
helping along the way

Something called LOVE.

The author's comments:
This is how love seems to be. Love is for interpretation because of its divinity and spirit

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