April 23, 2010
As I lie in my bed
I watch the world sleeping
A word used so much
the producer of pain
the suppresser of hope.
I see it every day
in the streets
in the schools
on the battlefield.
Fighting is the torturer of the people
aided by hatred in it’s never ending quest
its quest to kill hope.
Stopping it is a paradox.
We can fight it
but that only contributes to this evil.
We can attempt to restrain it
but the fire that it holds will eventually destroy us.
The amount of options is limitless
but only on surpasses the rest.
This advantage is the weakness in ourselves.
The only way to stop this evil
is to present it with its adversary-
Forget the fighting that you help
control the anger that you hold
hold onto feelings of hope
break down the shackles that confine you to hatred.
Stare at the world we have altered
and listen for its cries.

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