A Gangsters Wife:)

April 23, 2010
By Jacky<33 BRONZE, La, California
Jacky<33 BRONZE, La, California
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Favorite Quote:
My Favorite personal quote has to be Smile now cry later because it tells me to be happy even tho i am in a rough time && be thankful.

I knew him since we were little kids .
Never disrespected me, thank you for what you did.
We have been through so much together.
Now were BFF's, Best Friends Forever.
Through the thick and thin.
As long as were together, were going to win.
Just that one day you had asked me out.
My life cahnged forever, boy you turned me inside out.
Yeah we had our ups and downs.
But baby look how we turned out.
We have been together so long.
And not once did we think it was wrong.
Then you ended up joining a gang.
You were embarrassed of me so I couldn't hang.
I didn't trip. it was over in a snap.
Now look at you on yo' knees begging for me to go back.
Once I was gone you realized what you had.
Fine! I took you back but don't do anything to get me mad.
Now were all grown up.
I lost it with you, dumb$#* put tron in my cup.
Now we are married and sharing our life.
Guess what now, Im a Gangsters Wife<$$

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was listening to this one song called Gangsters Wife and that had inspired me to write it and plus since im in the hood im mostly around Gangsters<3

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