May 10, 2010
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Where do you go if no one wants you?
What do you do if everything you've kept inside,
comes out and haunts you?
Where would you run if you could hide?
Would if everything you've worked for, just died?
If you could share, who would you tell?
If your good, you'll go to heaven,
but there is always gonna be a hell?
Nobody cares whether your dead or alive
If you try to hard, you may lose your chance to strive
Crack a smile, to make them go away,
Forced to leave where your happy,
but wishing you could stay.
Being told your whole life,
everything will be alright.
No matter where you go,
always putting up a fight.
Everything comes to an end.
Be yourself,
never trust anyone,
and never think life's pretend.
Live life to the fullest and lookout for yourself.
Giving help will repay
for all the emptiness you've felt.

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