something i can never have

May 10, 2010
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As I set here crying I rock back and forth
I start hearing Voices telling me to go
With them as I get up their
Pulling me closer
I taste tears running down my face
My ears are ringing like never before
I get this funny feeling like something is wrong
I try to run away but then I fall and I start to cry
The voices are getting stronger
But another voices is coming through softer telling me
Every thing is going to be alright
The other voices are fading away and all I hear is its ok
Every thing is going to be fine the ringing has stopped.
There’s cuts on my wrist the voices is saying NO I feel like
I’m falling apart the voices are back and I don’t know
What to do now I fall down and cry when I get up the
Voices are pulling me towards them I try to go back but its
To strong they are blocking off the voice that is trying to
Help me now there fighting over me I don’t know
What to do I just want something I can never have I
Finally say goodbye to the voice that is trying to help me
Then I’m taken over by the darkness I cry come back buts
It’s too late now I know I’m not coming back

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