May 6, 2010
Is this something we
humans can even possess?
Or are we pawns of fate,
forced to relate or
bound to hate one another?

Are our choices really choices?
Or rather simply our human voices,
translating the inevitable incidents
which had already once been planned.

We demand
we fight, we aspire, and dream
but for so little purpose
so it seems. But no,

I disagree.
We have the power to change.
Our future, with each decision,
can and will be rearranged.

We are the artists of life and living,
not the models merely moving.
For peace is possible.
Love is attainable.
And hope must surely be sustainable.

We hold the power to provide our own happiness;
to prove our own strength,
to ignite a fire in our own soul.
This precious gift, from birth to death
is what we call

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