Some times things dont always work out...

May 6, 2010
I count the days until you return. As you walk towards me you stood out from the crowd. I began to go back remembering the first time we met. Valentines day was hard enough but when you said "Be Mine" all i could do was smile. I remember our first day you fell in the water pulling me with you. We walked hand and hand under the stars. We laughed and for the first time i was happy. I remember how you taught me to trust again. I let down the walls to my heart leaving you the key to my soul.As the walls crumbled i felt safe. Within your arms was warmth and comfort. For once i was important. But you brought meaning to my life. He put us here together for a reason that reason only he will know. Im just not sure i can do this long distance anymore. And with emty promises and open hearts. You are gone now. I thought this long distance wouldn't hurt. But once i get back home there laying on my bed is a read that was never read. Now in this box of things going back home to you is this letter of distress. But you and i know you cant fight the war and love me too. We are two worlds apart never to come together for whats seems like a century another life time another you adn another me.

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