Bruised Like a Peach

May 6, 2010
By cmallett BRONZE, Whitby, Other
cmallett BRONZE, Whitby, Other
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Here I lie on the floor,
Wanting so badly to walk out the door,
But I cannot for I fear for our life,
Once upon a time I thought I was your wife.

Your once loving hands, have turned to fists,
How many more times will you batter my wrists?
I beg you to stop, please, I plead,
The more I cry, the more I bleed.

You raped and abused,
I became bloodied, battered and bruised,
My heart still beats for my child’s sake,
I plead to you, her life you will not take.

My prayers unanswered, no help will come,
You have done this, turned my body numb,
Once more I lie here on the floor, drifting away,
I will not get my second chance, no, not today.

As I wait for the next blow, straight to my face,
Fear starts to pursue me as I brace,
But then I awake somewhere, somehow,
Feeling the blood across my brow.

The scars on my legs, and memories in my head,
Are all that remind me, that I should be dead?
My bruises will heal, and scars will fade over time,
But the pain you caused us will be a memory forever mine.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece based on my research of domestic violence and the rawness of what is happening in the world some of it going unoticed.

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