Baby Blanket

May 10, 2010
By Kilia GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
Kilia GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
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"Baby Blanket"

I remember it fondly
A pretty blue with fishes
Gold fish, white fish
Black fish, green,
With a swirl thread pattern
That held the beautiful outer
To the soft warm under

How I wish that I
Could walk up into our attic
And find that blanket that she made
That the other she hid from me
When we moved
She packed it away
And now it's gone

As the other woman yells
As my father tells his frightful tales
As the older sis weaves her webs
And the middle sis sinks deeper into fantasy
I take this blanket, that she made for me
And I crawl under it
So it will protect me, like when I was young

It was my fortress, impenetrable
It matches bed, warm and cozy
It matches me, durable
All the things I never want to know
Or never want to hear
I can block out completely
By hiding beneath my baby blanket

The author's comments:
A lot of people had blankets when they were younger. Does any one else wish to go back to those times when hiding under a blanket made all the bad things go away? Weren't times much simpler back then? This poem is my way of saying that.

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