May 6, 2010
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Has anyone ever told you that you how worthless you are.
Can being worthless e that hard to deal with. Being worthless is nothing to be harsh about. I’ve been called worthless, pathetic, useless, stupid, underappreciated. No one cares; No one cares for a useless person. No one wants to be with a person who is a cast out from everything. Who would want to be with friends with me? I don’t care; I never care. Even for the littlest of things that happen around me. People can call me rude names all they want. To me, it means nothing. But to them, they’re the one who are the cast out, not you, not us. Don’t let the useless names bring you down or hurt you. Defend yourself, think about you and Think about the person who cares for you. Don’t think about the bully. If you have some people who don’t know you yet they still would help you, let em. Stand up for yourself and your friends. Take anything you can get. Do the right thing. Prove them, no, Prove yourself that you can be a better person. Show them what you are capable of.

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