May 6, 2010
By Traptinanightmare SILVER, Tenafly, New Jersey
Traptinanightmare SILVER, Tenafly, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet"
" Why must the good die so young"
" These Secrets are walls that keep us alone"
"Somedays I'm still fighting to walk towards the light"
"Your so close, et so fare away"

Happiness is Love
Happiness is contentment
Happiness is laughter
Happiness is the smile that rise upon your cheeks
Happiness is exhilaration
Happiness is honesty
Happiness is passion
Happiness is heaven
Happiness is freedom
Happiness is beauty
Happiness is glee
Happiness is Hope
Happiness is in our hearts
Our souls
Its what keeps us sane
What we need to live
We need our daily dosage of happiness
To keep our chins up
And heads held high
To live the life we’re supposed to
Instead of wasting it on the past
Look ahead
To the bright sun
Beautiful singing birds
And the tall trees swaying in the wind
Beautiful and graceful
Loving and peaceful
Happiness is not heartbreak
Happiness is not lament
Happiness is not sadness
Happiness is not trepidation
Happiness is not despondency
Happiness is not sorrow
Happiness is not scorn
Happiness is not resentment
Happiness is not anguish
Happiness gives us Hope
When you combined that Bliss
With the sweet and bitter Hope
You make Love
And with that Love
You can defeat the evil

The author's comments:
Happiness is gift, it lets us live our lives gracefully. It provides us the with the nourishment we crave. And the laughter, that wrap around us like a glove. The hint of hope that follows us day after day. Happiness opens our eyes to the world we have trouble seeing someday. It lets us see the sun, and signs that point us in the wrong direction, to the right. Happiness is out gift for all eternity, to let us live the life we dream, and capture the voices we see, and witness the love to our full desire.

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