Mystry Woman

May 6, 2010
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He sits there waiting
To catch a glance
From the lighting
Blue eyes and the
Blonde hair from
This mysterious woman
Across the room
He has seen her
Many times before
Hoping that one day
He will have the courage
To approach her and greet her
He made a vow that one
Day he will approach her
The next time that he
Would see her
Three days go by until
He sees her again
He starts to get nervous
He told himself
That he couldn’t back out
Now he needs to do this
Something in him told
Him that if he got
The answer that he
Was looking for that
He would never have
To worry about
Whether or not
He is single
He would be in a
Relationship for the
Rest of his life
So he got up
And walked her
Way with sweat
Rolling down his palms
From his nervousness
He reaches her and
Greets her with a smile
She replies with a simple
Hi… ok good so far
He thought now if I can
Just sit with her and
Get to know her more
So he ask if he could join her
She said yes in a way that
Could make any man
Fall to their knees
So he sat down across
From her and starts to
Talk with her to
Keep it where he does
Not have to worry about
Saying something wrong
Without meaning to
They sit there for hours
On end talking to one another
When the restaurant
Was about to close
He asked if he could
Walk her to her house
She smiled and said yes
He walked her thirteen
Blocks to her house
And they stopped at
The front door and he
Asked if she would like
Go out for a date
She said that she thought
That they were already
On a date and that
She would love to
Go out with him again
He smiled they exchanged
Numbers and stayed together

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