Holding Him Down

May 6, 2010
By HisGirl BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
HisGirl BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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I'm known around town as the classy lil chick that holds her boy down cause when it comes down to him I don't mess around he's the hottest on the block so females stay on his jock and he's alwasy looking fresh like he just got out the shop and girls really want him but they know hes mine it's not hard to tell cause im with him all the time I guess you could say he's my partner in crime I really love my boy that's why he stays on my mind it's just something about him that makes him shine maybe it's because he stays on his girnd plus he's the type that don't wast all my time and I like how he tells me getting rich every day is what stays on my mind but baby don't tripp cause I keep you on my time

The author's comments:
I get my inspiration from female rappers.The message that I hope people get from this is you should stick by your boys side,even if girls don't care that he's taken as long as you know he is not going nowhere. You should have a little trust and keep him because most of the time other girls just want what you got.

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