May 6, 2010
By , Aurora, CO

Let’s go into the different perspective
Dodging and rafting educational norms while still remaining successful…
Let’s cross Colfax Avenue seeking to find rain instead of lights, and greave with no peace.
Listening to rap, old school blues and jazz, smoking Newport’s to there last,
Let’s blow the smoke out for grown men still living in there past.
Could have, would have, showing there sons and daughters what to be instead of a rich man
Could have, should have, and formatted a better way, better future guaranteed plans.
Let’s thank God for the blessings we have yet to come .Blessing in storage!
Let’s pray, maybe he will save us from our self, even though we promote kayos.
Looking on the other side I found out one thing will stand through crime, through sin, and through severe stressing.
That is, that people still thank God for the already given, however minimized Blessings.

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