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May 6, 2010
By alliespeaks1 GOLD, Morrilton, Arkansas
alliespeaks1 GOLD, Morrilton, Arkansas
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when life gives you lemons make grapejuice sit back and wonder how the heck you did it

when i was unhappy
and feeling kind of blue
id wander to the forest
wondering what to do
whistling about my mood
id kick and scuff a rock
time wasnt an issue
i didnt have a clock
venturing deeper in to the woods
id think about my day
thinking about my actions
walking another way
night loomed above
casting patches of dark
i heard a pitter patter
and a slow definate bark
following me cheerfully
was a dog small in size
though immature
he appearred to be quite wise
what a dog what a dog
he really was a keeper
but dogs made a lot of noise
and mom was a light sleeper
truding back to clearing
i turned around to say
i cant keep you go home
and the dog ran away
sliding through my window
and plopping on the floor
i sat up quickly
and slowly cracked the door
quiet quiet all through the house
my secret was safe for now
how they didnt missme i cant imagine how
as i lay awake and wonder
about the dog and what itd done
i felt a furry tail
and knew who had won

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