Whats meaningful in life

May 6, 2010
By Moses BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Moses BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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My girlfriend, a young woman that has a good head on her shoulders, and is enthusiastic on every thing she does. What inspires her is her culture and being proud of where here roots come from. She is a beautiful brown skinned girl that has a smile that makes you feel good when you’re down. She always puts others before her self. She’s talented at every thing she attempts to do from, righting a story of her life, to making art that shines while having a great meaning tied in with her culture in every piece.

The girl with Brown Eyes, with your eyes you made me realizes the love and passion you gave me. With your eyes you made me see, that you’re the one I want ask for your hand.

One particular afternoon day, my girlfriend and I decided to go to the mall after school. I went to go pick her up after school and she needed to get something’s at a place I never heard of. She told me, “We should go to the cherry creek mall.” I was thinking that we had not really gone there before, so that would have been somewhere new that had not gone yet. I also herd that there was a river on the side of the mall that I always wanted to check out.

Our love can be endless like circles and circles. It’s amazing that you could still love me looking like Steve Urkel

When we arrived there I told her for us to go down to the river. When we got down there it seemed perfect. The weather was sunny but not hot and when we started walking down there and the river we had seen had a little waterfall, I mean really little. I wanted to cross it but, I knew she was kind of scared to cross but she pulled thru it. We had got to the other side, and we were looking at the rocks and saw a rock that was heart shaped. Knowing us we got littler rocks and carved what we wanted to put on the heart rock. I looked up to see what she had written and it said, “I love you” and the date from when we got together till that day.

The girl with Brown Eyes, to match her brown hair, and beautiful brown skin. Knowing that I love you deep within.

At that moment I knew that when she had written “I love you” on the rock it meant so much to me. It was like letting out how we felt about each other. For someone to have someone that special in life and in that moment is what is really meaningful in life. That was something ill never forget in my life and I plan to go back there and show her how that made me feel, and I hope we have other moments together that we will never forget.

I love you Bianquiz ….. You basically stole my heart, and you’ll always be my Boo Cakes Chocolate covered Pop Tart!!

Something’s as little as righting I love you on a rock go’s a long way, and those things should be what’s meaningful in life.

The author's comments:
The inspiration i got for righting this pice is from just the passion that i have when i atempt to do things. I wanted to mix a contemparay pice with a poem i wrote.

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