forest song

May 6, 2010
rustle rustle drop drop
the forest sings its song
cicadas hush and whisper
singing all night long
flutter flutter hoo hoo
and owl lands on a rock
time doesnt really matter
you see there is no clock
ribbit ribbit splash splash
frogs leap and play
soaking in the serenity
that wont be there next day
slither slither hiss hiss
snakes slide up the trees
soaking in the silance
while all the field mice flees
silence silence hush hush
for morning will come soon
but remember little critters
after morning will be noon
swish swish wet wet
on every blade and leave
is a tiny drop of dew
that nature did just weave
light light hide hide
critters run to dark
not to be forgotten
no they have left their mark

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