A New World

May 4, 2010
By poetess77 BRONZE, Mililani, Hawaii
poetess77 BRONZE, Mililani, Hawaii
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without love, life would cease to exist; no love, no life.

Only the calmest of days am I at ease.
Able to think without the wind weeping,
shrieking commands in my ear.
Without the sun glaring at me with it’s tormenting menacing rays.
That is when I am able to speak
with the streams through the mind.
When all is quiet, I smile at the rain gently tapping,
softly rapping on the window politely asking me to come outside and listen.
Listen to it’s music while the valley walls gently caress me.
Green is the color of this valley for the rain intensifies it,
strengthens it, brings it back to life.
There are no peacocks to be heard
nor the bustling of tourists walking about;
my drizzling friend has politely made them leave for the valley needs rest.
Time has slowed just for me to mingle with the flowers
and converse with the waterfall,
for this I am forever grateful to have such a unique friend.

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