May 4, 2010
By youaremyhero702 SILVER, Buffalo, New York
youaremyhero702 SILVER, Buffalo, New York
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it's time
god- unfortunately
i hate this part
i dread it every time.
will you write me? as much as you can?
ill write everyday, i promise.
will you miss me?
more than you'll ever know.

black tears stream down her dreained face like etched scars

i dont want to let you go.
my heart is breaking.
dont be sad.
i am not sad- i'm tragic-
i am a poem!
when will i see you again? how can i not be sad?
everyday, i will write you everyday, all day.
when you go to sleep ill be in your dreams, i know you'll be in mine.
you'll never know how much i love you.
i already do.
just always know you are my heart
i love your unfailing faith
i cant say it, i cant believe its here again...
then dont say it.
meet me behind closed eyes
under the moon-
in love,
not absence...

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