May 9, 2010
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Nothings gonna change the things that you said,
Nothings gonna make everything alright again.
It's manifest that you ruined me,
That's crystal clear for everyone else to see.
You hate me, you always have, I get it,
You make me wanna scream, and just run away from all this.
I have learned the hard way to just shut my mouth and smile,
I wouldn't wanna stay around you and cramp your style.
If these walls could talk, they would have so much to say,
You've messed me up so much, who knows if i'll be okay.
Cause every time we fight the scars i have will eventually heal,
I hate living here but I guess I'll just have to deal.
Just to let you know, these scars might heal but are never gonna go away,
And I have so much trouble just staying here day by day.
I'm falling and screaming, it's like im stuck in the same old nightmare,
Your lying, im crying and there's no reason left to care.
Get me out of here, please?
Before i become deceased.

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