Dear World

May 9, 2010
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Dear World,
It’s been nice knowing you. Really.
But I think I’ve been on the ground for too long.
I need to leave now. And fly away.
After all, what else are these wings for?

I would stay here, but…
It’s getting pretty boring.
Sometimes gravity pulls me in too hard.
Gravity’s nothing though.
Try personality.

I don’t care if I fall. I know I’ll fall.
And I know it’ll hurt.
Do you see that stopping me?

Here, I’ll always be back where I began.
That’s the beauty of the sky
You never know where you are.
You’re lost. But glad that you’re lost.

Take care of your people though
Until they can fly. Then you can let go.
I’ll be welcoming everybody up here.
Don’t worry about me.
I’ve never been better.

It’s been nice knowing you. Not really.

Yours no longer,

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