I dreamed

May 9, 2010
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I am thirteen
everywher i am thirteen
Just the volt beinning
to be a teenager
Things get jamed nd even
but time hauls away
I am thirteen.

I dreamed of being fourteen
everywhere I go
two years away from driving
my parents so mad like
furious firing valcano
cause they don't want me to drive
the time is so dilatory
but it always seem to fly
I dreamed I was fourteen

I dreamed I was fifteen
everwhere I have been
now I am craving for
I just can't wait
to get away from those
parents who screem and yell
like angry bamboos
I dreamed I was fifteen

I dreamed that i was sixteen
everywhere I been and soon to go
I finlly haved recieved my licences
you now what that means
Parties, stying out late, movies,
boy friends,
anything you can think of
Not exactly
that costs money
well no its time
to pull out
the applacations
I can only dreamed of being

But in the real world I am just thirteen.

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missmaller said...
Mar. 30, 2012 at 10:36 am
Very powerful poem!
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