Fear in the Holocaust

May 9, 2010
By Emil Maric BRONZE, Niles, Illinois
Emil Maric BRONZE, Niles, Illinois
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It was all we knew.
The dreaded Aryans.
A knock on the door
will end your life.
It ended mine.
One life starts, a new one begins.
They saw you’re born twice.
I know I was.
Rebirth occurs in the trains.
Traveling for endless days
and nights just to die.
Unknown abilities awake in you.
One becomes as clever as a fox.
One becomes as strong as a Rhino.
One becomes as careless as a lazy
alligator floating downstream.
Kristallnacht, the night of sorrows for me.
Strangers destroy the glass in my house.
No reason needed.
Oh, wait, I’m Jewish.
No one will survive, in these cattle cars now.
I’m going to prove them wrong.
No one can help me now.
There are 89 other Jews
with me here, but I am all alone.
Because I don’t have blond hair?
Because I don’t believe in the Messiah?
Because Germany is in such bad condition?
I don’t think that’s my fault.
Pointing fingers is such risk risky business.
The Death is over.
Time to go to the Promised Land.
A place that knows no

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