Ode To A Comma

May 8, 2010
Comma, oh comma
You are in everything
The animal was a pink llama,
But he did not sing

Comma, oh my dear comma
You separate different clauses
Without a lot of drama
He’s writing, but then pauses

Comma, oh dear comma
You separate unneeded info
With his special mama,
Who loved to dance and sew

Comma, oh dear comma
You let us take breaks
When we are in our pajama
And don’t want to wake

Comma, oh my dear comma
You help sentences beginning with adverbs
While talking to the God Rama,
The children ate some healthy herbs

Comma, comma, oh my dear
You help separate introductory words
Johnny, I’m over here!
Or “hey, you guys are nerds!”

Comma, comma, you’re my preference
You help separate words together
Cloudy, sunny, you help me in reference
When I am trying to get the weather

Comma, comma, you help me
When using clauses with the word not
I like Bill, not Pete
Or I will learn, not get taught

Comma, oh my favorite dear
When there are interruptions in a thought
This animal, as you see, has fear
The people, as you can tell, fought

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