Hope is my weapon

May 8, 2010
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The Dark alley was long, silent and cold,
I turned to see a head floating in mid air
I didn’t yelp for help because I knew
That this head belonged somewhere

It was the face of my mother
But she died centuries ago
Why would she come back here?
“Maybe she wishes to know”

I turned to see who said that
But no one was behind me
Outside was very bright and sunny
But when I turned I didn’t see

All I saw was a wolf running by fast
And I noticed it was actually night
Since when did I have the senses of a bat?
And why were my eyes acting like flashlights?

BOOM! CRACK! The trees heard it too
They like the rain but lightening they hate
It kills there roots and their fruits fall
Then they become every human’s bait

Every now and then I think of how
I got into this mess in the first place
I don’t remember a day, or a time
I just remember my mothers face

I remember when she described to me older,
I was wished I would be like her; a blessing in disguise
She didn’t understand what she meant to me
That's why I have to find her, I know she is alive.

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