This Is Called Him

May 8, 2010
For although i weep ever softly in the night ,
so as no one might hear
i feel a softness so near ,
each time my eyes are upon him ,
but a bit more his lovely face is etched ,
more deeply into my soul ,
Stirring things hidden fast and long ago ,
bringing from the depths of hope and
a longing i once feared ,
i will soon let go and feel the pain
wash me over its sting is familiar
too ,
it is right this pain it knows no limits
i begin again from inside ,
as i must , as we all must ,
fear or no .
this break will shatter a girl and from it
will come a woman .
a new one with love and hope ,
strong and stronger still ,
she will know she will live she is love

And again hurt will await her lurking ,
as all demons do but with each new battle ,
she grows stronger still ,
her heart an even better prize growing ,
brighter and redder each time .
And she does not even know its depths ,
are unending i do not have the day ,
it has me i let it take me ,
and when it is finally done with me ,
i will know and no longer fear ,
because i know my love ,
that you are near .

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