May 8, 2010
“You’re going to feel a little prick.”
I feel the cool rush of the medicine as it swims through my veins.
I start to count down from 10…
9. It starts turning my mind black.
8. This wasn’t right; I know it wasn’t supposed happen.
7. I can feel them moving around me hooking and prodding,
6. Going on with their work as if nothing was happening
5. I could feel every second tick by, each one lingering for eternity
4. My heart thuds increasing with eagerness as the machine beeps louder.
3. I can hear my heart beat blaring in my ears.
2. My body seems to go numb.
1. Am I floating? I wonder to myself.
...I feel a sense of calmness.
The nurse touches me slightly, propelling my thoughts away from it all.
“Are you okay?” the anesthesiologist asks.
“yeah” I reply keeping my fears to myself.

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