Bearer of Truth

May 8, 2010
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Why must we stone him with our fists?
Why do we burn him alive with words?
Why have we the feeling of death on our minds associated in thine direction?
The Messanger.
He only tells of his masters news, tales.
Desception, fear, chaos.
Victories and defeats, conquest and surrender.
With every word, a kingdom quakes.
With every phrase, a country may cheer.
But the burned, stoned, and dead man is he.
He that bears of new o're time which is taken from the midsts of God's presence.
Bearer of bad news is what he is called.
For thou understandeth of what kings of nations is to say, kings of people demonstrate and demand, kings of palaces want done.
But must he be hung by the darest of trees in lands scattered across forests.
No, for he does a work of honor to his home town.
He displays an act of patriatism that many need to come across, yes, it is what men needs to find.
But only as we see in our own is what we portray like a portrait of rivers and streams we live upon.
Instead, we destroy only a bearer of truth.

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