Afraid Yet?

May 8, 2010
By LoveHappens PLATINUM, London, Other
LoveHappens PLATINUM, London, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Dream Like You'd Die Tomorrow"

I will torment you like a sleepless night,
Tempt you to give into the darkness you desire,
Whisper what I know is wrong or right,
Twist you, bend you, mold you like a wire.

And you will listen like an angel,
Cause there is no power to resist,
You cant kick, fight or strangle,
An illusion in the mind you always miss

I’m like air, nagging and persistent,
A cloaked figure with no definite shape,
An untamed and wild miscreant,
You can’t hide beyond the yellow tape

Like a distant shadow I shall follow,
I analyze, criticize and assist,
Fill you with life or drain you hollow,
Once let loose, I’m hard to miss

... What am I you ask?

... Your conscience

The author's comments:
Yeah, I think that I like totally just creeped myself out! LOL.

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