Here I Stand

May 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Here I stand
Alone and scared
Crouching on the floor
Because your anger flared

Here I stand
Dreadful and weak
Because I know
My future looks bleak

Here I stand
Quiet and sad
But in public
I act like I am glad

Here I stand
Fearful and tired
Hoping just hoping
That you aren't wired

Here I stand
In the cold and dark
Shivering and holding
Where you left your mark

Here I stand
Tall and alive
This is the only way
I can survive

Here I stand
Confident and full of fire
Because I stood up
And called you out as a liar

Here I stand
Brave and strong
As you fail
To prove me wrong

Here I stand
A smile on my face
As I watch you go away
To that dispicable place

The author's comments:
This poem symbolizes the abuse of teenagers, children and adults all around the world. Whether it be a family member, a lover, or anyone, abuse is wrong and should be reported.

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