Wide Eyed Wonder

May 8, 2010
he hears it. the sound so familiar to his ears.
his heart jumps over a beat.
he bounds up, excitment running amuck
in his veins.
quicker than wings of a hummingbird he runs.
such a sight to his feet dash down the stairs.
so much hope in his heart, that time is on his side.
he rounds the corner and sees her.
a gift from her to him in her delicate hands.
he takes his gift and holds on tightly
as he makes his way out the door.
over rocks and down a small hill his two feet take him.
he looks left then right before crossing the black pavement in the July heat.
he makes his way the the front and points
right at his version of happiness.
he lifts his hands and exhanges his gift for his new found treasure.
he backs away, treasure in hand.
slowly he unravels its colourful garb.
his eyes widen in absoulute amazent and wonder
as he takes his first bite if summer
in the sweet form of
a snowcone.

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