Go Green

May 8, 2010
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Sometimes it’s a shame to see what we’ve done
Even if it does make the world more fun
But we can change the future if we try
And then not so many animals would die

Factories release dust and smoke into our atmosphere
And by doing this, many are hurt that we hold dear
However with some help from friends and other people we know
We can go green and once again make our world glow

Saving energy can start with a simple task
First change your light bulbs, and please if you have questions just ask
Saving water and energy would be the next deed
And since you saved some money go ahead and plant a seed

Except you can’t just change your lifestyle
Try learning something new that’s worthwhile
Maybe discover what inventions are being made
Cause scientists have been working on some for more than a decade

The inventions made by some people are luxuriant
Like solar panels, which uses the sun as its main ingredient
Solar panels are powered by rays that travel to earth from the sun
Unfortunately when the sun stops shinning the job of theirs is done

Still energy can be captured in other ways
For instance wind or water turbines can power places for days
Both turbines however are very large in size
So moving or building them takes a lot of guys

Now I want you to do something for me
I want you to go out and find a tree
Because trees are a sign of hope
That we may one day not have to cope

We could make the world a better place
But we all have to join together no matter what nationality or race

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